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Launching The BRB App


The BRB (Better. Respectable. Bathrooming) team seeks to launch their innovative app by mid December. The app allows those in NYC looking for a clean and safe private bathroom to link up with those who are willing to “rent” their bathroom for a short time (and for a small fee). BRB sought HZQ’s assistance in creating a list of early adopters for their app pre-launch. 

Unsure which ad platform would yield the highest ROI, HZQ created small test ads on Facebook, Google Search, Reddit, and Craigslist, allowing the market to tell us which platform is optimal for this type of product. 

After 10 days of testing, we have decided that the only platforms with a high enough ROI to justify ad spending are Facebook and Craigslist. BRB is now acquiring early adopter emails addresses at a rate and cost in-line with their predetermined budget.