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Donation Focused Targeted Digital Campaign for Andrew Gounardes 

Andrew Gounardes ran successfully for a State Senate seat in South Brooklyn against an incumbent for whom there was a lot of animosity. Andrew possessed good name recognition from years of work in the community and previous run, but had none of the state support he needed to flip the district. He needed to raise money fast and impressively to secure that support.

After meeting with Andrew’s team and discussing their supporters, we were able to create a targeted ad campaign that reached voters about the issues they cared about specifically, and couched our fundraising appeal in the urgency of our filing deadline. By continually stressing how pivotal and significant their support was, we were able to garner a number of small donations from a large group of people, eventually raising more than $200,000 before the deadline. The donor data was then leveraged to reach those in the district we had not yet spoken to via our existing outreach.

After the deadline passed, we did an analysis of all of our digital efforts (both advertising, social media, and email marketing), and found that the campaign had achieved a 200% return on investment in our services.