Strategic Planning Sessions

Before jumping into any project, HZQ takes the time to meet with you and your team to understand your business and team members, and outlines the best plan moving forward. During a strategic planning session, HZQ will align your goals, ideate on all possible solutions, and provide timelines for development, implementation, and refinement for each solution. Once all options have been explored, we decide as a group which solutions should be given top priority and which will be explored at a later date.

In addition to this planning session, HZQ will schedule weekly calls with your team in order to update you on progress, and ensure that all future milestones executed on time and with everyone on the same page. These check-ins allow for further innovation and development, cluing us into new challenges, and making us more than consultants: we are a part of your company and we are invested in its success. We treat every client’s business as if it were our own and act accordingly.

Website Design and Optimization

An online presence is only as useful as the interactions it generates. While word-of-mouth is an excellent way to grow a business, a strong online presence has become ever more necessary to reach and convert new customers. We optimize every step of their experience with your brand. HZQ can help turn your current website into the attention-holding tool it should be: one designed to maximize your customer’s experience. We couple our web design with social media, crafting the right tone and strategies to engage with current and future customers and foster a community that coverts into your goals.

Social Media Engagement

HZQ offers affordable (and scalable) options for professionally managed social media accounts. Our social media experts are ready to:

+ Grow an organic and paid following across all platforms
+ Create and curate engaging content to capture your audience’s interest (including photo graphics/editing, video content, blog content, articles, and media partnerships).
+ Monitor and interact daily with users through comments, questions, surveys, and reviews
+ Follow and influence relevant brands in a target market
+ Research and leverage keywords and hashtags in all content for SEO
+ Manage online contests and events to drive brand loyalty
+ Track trends and algorithm changes to ensure content receives as much organic visibility as possible
+ Coordinate and engage with influencers to up your brands cache

Analytics and Audience Mapping

HZQ has the experience and capability to optimize your existing websites, customer relationship managers, and social media channels to ensure that as much data (behavioral and demographic) is collected as possible. This is key to understanding who is interacting with your brand and how they can be best influenced to become consistent customers. We will ensure that that your website and its affiliates are set up with the proper social media and user behavior tracking, as well as optimize your search engine optimization (SEO). HZQ will leverage website data from these platforms, along with engaging social media contests & surveys, on-site user engagement tools, and user research to better understand and evaluate the primary and secondary targets for engagement. This in-depth process will allow us to measure and report on website traffic, demographic information, and user focus while on site, aiding in the recognition of trends that will help you and its brand to reach a larger audience.

Digital Advertising

HZQ has the experience to develop and implement the advertising strategies that reach your customers at the right time and on the right platforms. Our professionally designed graphics and video ads focus on acquiring new customers and building awareness around your core brand. Our ads are able to be shown on social media, through Google search results, and on most sites on the web. They can be timed to target different demographics, ages, and interest groups at specific times to inspire purchases and brand loyalty. Each advertisement will take the potential customer on a journey, that will be tracked, step by step, to ensure that at every place where a person interacts with your brand or product, something of value is created from the experience, both for you and for them. Every interaction is a chance to collect data, retarget for a future campaign, or offer them a new deal in a context they are more likely to support.

Targeted Communications

By designing a system around your short term and long term goals, HZQ can help your team derive insights and automations that will allow your brand to scale to a level even greater than the one it has already reached. We leverage a collection of marketing, advertising and analytical tools to accomplish this at scale, including social media targeting and retargeting, Google Analyitics, Segment, Mixpanel, Shopify CRM, FullStory, Intercom, and MailChimp. While we have experience implementing and succeeding with the tools listed above, we are familiar with a whole slate of tools and are always open to mastering new ones.

Market Research and Analysis

No one has all the answers...except your current and future customers. That’s why the power of a properly conducted survey, interview, or focus group can mean the difference between a successful new strategy and a waste of time and money. With our experience in pulling true insights from consumers for brands such as MTV, The NFL, Mondelez, Netflix, and Novartis, HZQ can help you distill the signal from the noise in order to understand how you should be speaking to new customers as well as the ones you already have.

Guerilla Marketing

We started HZQ for many reasons, but if one thing gets us out of bed every morning, it is this: We love to solve hard problems. Sometimes, an easy or clear fix doesn’t exist for a problem; we live for these moments. Standing out in today’s media-flooded world takes something special, so HZQ pushes itself to create that with every one of our clients. Whether it is connecting a suite of pre-existing technologies, or designing a custom web scraper to pull data for a hyper-targeted advertising campaign, or even hiring fire breathers to help re-brand an old product in a new way, HZQ has the experience, the cleverness, and the connections to light up your brand.