Strategic Planning Sessions

Before jumping into any project, HZQ takes the time to meet with you and your team to understand your idea and team members, and outlines the best plan moving forward. During a strategic planning session, HZQ will align your goals, ideate on all possible outcomes, and provide timelines for development, implementation, and refinement for each option.

Audience Mapping

HZQ leverages website data from various sources, along with engaging social media contests & surveys, on-site user engagement tools, and user research to better understand and evaluate the primary and secondary targets for potential engagement.

Digital Advertising

HZQ has the experience to develop and implement the advertising strategies that reach your customers at the right time and on the right platforms. Our professionally designed graphics and video ads focus on acquiring new customers and building awareness around your core brand. Our ads are able to be shown on social media, through Google search results, and on most sites on the web. They can be timed to target different demographics, ages, and interest groups at specific times to inspire purchases and brand loyalty. Each advertisement will take the potential customer on a journey, that will be tracked, step by step, to ensure that at every place where a person interacts with your brand or product, something of value is created from the experience, both for you and for them. Every interaction is a chance to collect data, retarget for a future campaign, or offer them a new deal in a context they are more likely to support.

Market Research and Analysis

No one has all the answers...except your current and future customers. That’s why the power of a properly conducted survey, interview, or focus group can mean the difference between a successful new idea and a waste of time and money. HZQ can help you distill the signal from the noise in order to understand how you should be speaking to potential customers.