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Ryan Adams

I specialize in Profits and Prophets — helping small businesses, new ventures, politicians, and non-profits “grow mighty.” With my Master's degree in Theology from Harvard Divinity School, and passion for business development, I leverage new and emerging technologies for use in daily operations. In doing this, I capture the specific target audience that makes your business or campaign tick.

I founded HZQ Consulting because, time and time again, I saw great companies and great ideas get hamstrung by costly consultants, runaway web development, directionless marketing, and unanalyzed strategies. It felt fundamentally offensive that someone could take the sweat, blood, and money that a person poured into their idea and run it into the ground to steal a little profit. HZQ wanted to empower people to take their ideas and run with them in a scalable way. I want them to #GrowMighty.

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Johnny Gabriele

After 5 years in market research & strategy, solving problems for Fortune 500 companies, I decided to shift my efforts to businesses where I could have a bigger impact. I partnered with my friend to start our digital strategy firm, HZQ Consulting.

My journey has always revolved around my obsession with the human condition, which has led me to complete a Bachelors and Masters degree in psychology (at Rutgers and NYU respectively). I even had the pleasure of being an adjunct professor on the subject. My love for all things business and economics has dovetailed nicely with my understanding of the human psyche, allowing me to dig deeper for my clients in order to pull apart meaningful, human-centered insights and strategies.